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IBM packs 128TB of flash into brain-simulating supercomputer_0-s

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IBM packs 128TB of flash into brain-simulating supercomputer
Felix Schuermann of EPFL is scheduled to describe a flash-infused IBM supercomputer at a supercomputing conference in Germany next week.(Credit:IBM)Drawing from engineering ideas that are revamping personal computers, IBM and two Swiss universities are using flash memory to improve performance of a supercomputer designed to simulate an actual mouse brain.But there's a lot more flash memory than you'll find in the latest laptop.A PC's solid-state drive may come with something like 128GB to 512GB of flash memory. The mouse-brain project's specially upgraded version of a Blue Gene/Q supercomputer has 250 to 1,000 times as much flash memory -- 128 terabytes.Related storiesNvidia's graphics brawn powers supercomputing brainsTop500 supercomputing trends visualized (pictures)'Blue Waters' supercomputer helps crack HIV codeGoogle quantum computer lab to study artificial intelligenceThe supercomputer project, in conjunction with the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule rmtbuddy wow power leveling Zurich (ETH Zurich), aims to model the 70 million or so neurons that make up a mouse brain. The work dovetails with the Blue Brain project and the European Union's Human Brain Project.IBM announced the development in conjunction with the International Supercomputing Conference 2013 that takes place next week in Leipzig, Germany. Felix Sch

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HP beats expectations, raises outlook-spun8

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HP is better than expectations, grows outlook
Hewlett-Packard supplied better-than-expected first-quarter results, elevated its mindset for the second quarter, as well as said it offers "disruptive innovations" on city water in approaching quarters. That disruptive invention comment right from CEO Megabites Whitman likely centered around Undertaking Moonshot, the company's ARM-based machine designed for hyperscale climates.HP described first-quarter earnings of $1.6 thousand, or 63 cents some sort of share, about revenue about $28.4 thousand, down 6 percent from a last year. Non-GAAP earnings in your first 1 / 4 were Eighty two cents some sort of share. Wall surface Street needed first-quarter earnings involved with 71 pennies a write about on income of $27.7 billion.Within an earnings release, Whitman noted which HP "still provides extensive work to do to generate the WOW Fast and Safe Power Leveling form of growth we desire to see,Half inch but "we anticipate the benefits from your restructuring might accelerate with fiscal 2013." Whitman increased that "I be ok with the rest of the year" and then promised "a group of new software programs and disruptive innovations" in the groups ahead.Are you aware that outlook, Hp . p . projected first-quarter non-GAAP gains to be 50 cents so that you can 82 dollars a show to GAAP rmtbuddy wow power leveling earnings for 38 pennies a publish to 30 cents some share. Regarding fiscal The year 2013, HP recognizes non-GAAP earnings of $3.40 any share to successfully $3.60 a new share with GAAP profit of $2.26 a show to $2.50 a talk about. The annual outlook was at line by using previous outlook, and the first-quarter look at was earlier than Wall Street estimates.Inside of the hood associated with HP, in spite of this, the company noticed revenue is reduced across each one of its machines. Personal products revenue during the first one fell 7 percent at a year ago; making sales declined 6 percent; industry group profit was right off 5 percent; and also enterprise expert services fell Five percent.Also, the more detailed income by system breakdown:This specific story in the beginning appeared located at ZDNet under the heading "HP Q1 solid; Whitman claims 'I feel good about remaining year.'"
HP beats presumptions, raises outlook on life

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After Ballmer, Microsoft can at last reboot-spun9

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After Ballmer, Milliseconds can now reboot
He Seacrest (left) and also Steve Ballmer with Microsoft CES Next.(Credit:Fred rmtbuddy wow power leveling Martin/CNET)Microsoft's announcement that Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is going to retire in 12 months is large news nevertheless little astonishment.Ballmer, who's guided Microsoft ever since 2000, easily couldn't provide evidence that he could easily move the service to a new study course effectively. Despite years of making the effort, Microsoft hasn't already shown a capacity to keep up with Apple's phones or Yahoo's online expert services. When the software giant not so great expectations using its quarterly profit report when it comes to July, traders punished them by lopping $32 million off it's valuation. Assess that with Friday's Six % stock rate increase.Corresponding storiesMicrosoft board believed to seek Ballmer champion this yearBallmer: Company for apple to follow effect version for the purpose of WindowsBallmer: Microsoft's very best days are nevertheless aheadBallmer suffered three or more strikes within his most recent at-bat: Home windows 8, Windows 7 Phone, and Surface RT. All of the were highly impressive for a degree, but none of them showed the essential commercial results to provide evidence that the company can be relied on for another few years of computing-industry popularity.Microsoft developed powerful within the 1990s -- sufficient to guarantee heavyweight antitrust actions because of its monopoly ability in the Laptop or computer market. Proof that the business couldn't deliver that prominence into fresh domains: Bing's 19.4 percent talk about of hunt in the US compared with Google search's Sixty six.7 %, and Microsoft windows Phone's Three or more.7 percent market share inside second coint compared with 79.3 percent regarding Android plus 13.A pair of percent for iOS.'microsoft' remains a difficult contender, to a certain extent because of legacy products that continue to generate considerable revenue in addition to profit. The position during enterprise The software with items like Windows Server, Exchange, as well as SQL Server is normally solid. Businesses still have confidence in Microsoft Windows not to mention Office, and they move to brand-new technology less quickly than users. What's damning is that regardless of its system talent, community relationships, and wealth, their new-era products are also-rans.Offering dudsHere are modern examples of Windows half-measure attempts from bold switch:• Windows 8 introduced an entirely new slot for customers in addition to a new computer programming foundation with regard to developers, a particular interface designed for the days of touch-screen computer. But the enterprise couldn't throw away old-style Windows, relocating that would get doomed House windows 8 through extinguishing match ups, so preferably instead customers became an ungainly two-headed OS which combined hard-to-learn new features with hard-to-find original documents.• Windows Device 7 and already 8 seem to be sleek, reactive operating systems very more affordable than their predecessors. But wouldn't draw the the gw990 to medications, choosing instead to reserve which often hot, brand new market for Your windows program 8. If that Computer arrived which has a thud, Microsoft's tablet ambitions put into practice suit.• Your Microsoft Working surface tablet embodied you can actually bold hardware ambitions as well as willingness towards forsake Intel processors in favor of power-efficient chips from Tricep / bicep. But its Glass windows RT operating system occupied a strange nether place between Replacement windows Phone Six and Replacement windows 8. Purchasers couldn't have excited, and then a month in the past, Microsoft wanted to write down $900 million dollars of Outside inventory.Ballmer has already some recent successes, to be sure. Office 365 definitely seems to be doing well, offering some much-needed opponents to Bing Apps. Web browser is no longer a real disgrace, which is certainly important as the actual browser has become the foundation of so much of people's computing lives. The Wii and Windows 7 brought solidly either way customers as well as Microsoft's financial situation. Skydrive, Skype, and Gmail are good an adequate amount of to attract whilst keeping online clients.But bigger changes are required. Smart to shiftBallmer makes sense to have established shifting your partner's company to a new mission, your "transformation to a instruments and products company centered on empowering shoppers in the events they value most," as his / her goodbye memo that will employees awkwardly phrases the item. With items like the i phone and Chromebook Pixel, Apple company and Google and bing both have suggested that using hardware industrial, software technological know-how, and group services can yield products and services superior to the assembled coming from a mishmash of engineering from distinct big vendors. As Ballmer will be doubtless aware, that adaptation is easier explained than done -- especially for a company enjoy Microsoft which usually for so long has trusted partners -- retail stores, PC companies, chipmakers, resellers, and other wines -- to bring its products in order to customers. Acquiring Windows without attention is like investing in an engine wthout using car.Built in engineering is fantastic, but including products like your Microsoft Exterior tablets perils alienating associates by competing with them instantly.It's much easier for Microsoft rivals in order to push in the integrated architectural. Apple features always assembled its own hardware and software. Google is going halfway, with a little in-house hardware love Motorola in addition to Nexus mobile devices together with Chromebook Pixel laptops but a more Windows-like approach with the many other Google's android device designers. Google is a more moderen player, nonetheless, and would-be soulmates would be risky to ignore the abundant explanation that Bing is willing to shift its option to market drastically and frequently.Microsoft company, in contrast, has revealed itself wow power leveling not as much willing to jitters things up. Which may be too bad, since it is exactly what the business needs to remain competitive. Totally reset buttonGiving Microsoft a new CEO has the potential to reset it dynamic. Ballmer comes from the old-era , but an alternative leader -- mainly one external -- can give the message which often Microsoft contains thrown out all of the 2003 control book. Associates that are just simply along on your ride, and also that don't like competing with Microsoft windows can expect that should be left behind. People that show dedication and responsibility, like Htc, can expect to generally be rewarded.In the same way, a new leader will be better able to ignore Microsoft's internal playing surface wars in addition to deliver my-way-or-the-highway mail messages to managers, engineers, and sales staff. That could make it possible for giant changes to honestly move in the evening beige compartment.Microsoft isn't actually dead. Although the old The microsoft company should be, not to mention Ballmer had to factor aside for that reason a new form of the company could very well be born.
After Ballmer, Microsoft can certainly at last restart

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Bring Back Surge Movement-spun10

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Bring Back Rise Movement
belleviewbest / eBay See At the same time Right Out rmtbuddy wow power leveling Of The Door, Ruby Tuesday's Unique CEO Has got Quickly Killed Off Two Of His / her Brands Two Tailors Have a relatively Simple Proven fact that Could Modify the Way Gents Buy Costume Shirts Weight Loss Surgeon Reveals Chipotle Is The Best Fast Food Chain A lot more than 21,Thousand people are pestering Coca-Cola to bring back Huge increase, the soft drink it finished a decade ago.The particular Facebook collection, which calling itself a SURGE Routine, was founded by way of 24-year-old Evan Carr of Ca a year ago. A different group at the social network also supports the cause."Surge appeared to be more of a way of life for me plus i always enjoyed a can right after i was getting bigger in the '90's," Carr told individuals. "I just wanted to determine if other people to be found missed currently being much as I actually have." The competition has reared nearly $4,1000 to buy a commercial near the Coca-Colaheadquarters when it comes to Atlanta.All the billboard reads "Dear Coca-cola, we didn't buy Lift, so we obtained this billboard instead" not to mention directs individuals visit the movement's Youtube page.Rise was a citrus-flavored ingesting these liquids released within 1996 which has been meant to play competitively with Pepsi's Mountain Dew. Coca-Colastopped creating it around 2003, in the event that sales had been declining.In addition to its billboard, the target audience has "Surging days" in which members inundate the customer affairs hotline in Coca-Cola.While they haven't much received an upright answer from Coca-Cola on bringing back Surge, Carr states that he knows ones own calls made an impact."We essentially found out that Coca-Cola originated watching wow power leveling the page in conjunction with warned workers' in a memo ahead of one of our 'Surging' beginning and ending dates," Carr suggested.Carr said that your discontinuation from the soda resulted in a void in their life."I solely always put to use Surge to build me going in the morning, and would love to drink it continually," Carr claimed. "There's just dislike it out furthermore there today."Carr managed find out, but, that Huge increase still is more enjoyable than ever.Your dog bought several six-packs when the soft drink expired not to mention cracked wide open a can easily a few weeks prior."I can say that it was quite as delicious as it ever was," he stated.If you're focused on bringing back Lift, join all the group's Facebook . com page.Here is a mock-up of the billboard which may go up original next month:Growing market MovementDON'T MISS: That which you Wanted To Be familiar with Working Within Hooters Follow Retail Go for and never miss out on an revise! Please Note: Industry Insider cannot share your data with any other corporations. You also have being able to unsubscribe readily available newsletters whenever they want simply by following the actual unsubscribe link located at the base of each email message
Bring Back Increase Movement

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IBM profit, revenues hold up in tough quarter-spun9

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IBM profit, revenues hold up in tough quarter
IBM's fourth quarter was better than expected on both the bottom and top lines.IBM reported fourth quarter earnings of $5.8 billion, or $5.13 a share, on revenue of $29.3 billion, down 1 percent from a year ago. Non-GAAP earnings were $5.39 a share.Wall Street was expecting IBM to report fourth quarter earnings of $5.25 a share on revenue of $29.08 billion. For 2012, IBM reported earnings of $16.6 billion, or $14.37 a share, on revenue of $104.5 billion, down 2 percent from a year ago.Overall, IBM weathered sluggish IT spending well. Software revenue was up 3 percent; services sales fell 2 percent and systems and technology sales fell 1 percent. System z mainframe sales were up 56 percent from a year ago.On a conference call, IBM CFO Mark Loughridge said:Our new hardware product introductions really performed in the quarter. We had excellent acceptance of our new mainframe and our System Z revenue was up 56% year to year, so it's been a very successful launch. Not only in major markets, but in growth markets where we were up 65%. And we had significant growth in our mainframe specialty engines led by Linux. This is a good indicator, not only of new work loads moving onto the platform, but also rmtbuddy wow power leveling the value of a vertically integrated system.For 2013, IBM projected GAAP earnings of $15.53 a share and non-GAAP wow power leveling earnings of at least $16.70 a share. Wall Street was looking for earnings of $16.63 a share.By the numbers:Fourth quarter sales from Europe, Middle East and Africa fell 5 percent from a year ago to $9.1 billion. Asia-Pacific revenue in the fourth quarter was $7 billion, down 4 percent. Revenue in the fourth quarter from Brazil, Russia, India and China was up 11 percent.Global technology services revenue fell 2 percent in the fourth quarter and global business services sales were down 3 percent. Backlog was flat.Software sales in the fourth quarter was $7.9 billion, up 3 percent from a year ago. Pre-tax earnings in the quarter was up 8 percent from a year ago.Hardware revenue was $5.8 billion in the fourth quarter, down 1 percent from a year ago.Cloud revenue for 2012 was up 80 percent.This item first appeared on ZDNet's Between the Lines blog under the headline "IBM's Q4 solid, raises 2013 earnings outlook."
IBM profit, revenues hold up in tough quarter

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